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By SpRstR on 29 Jan 2012, Last updated on 29 Jan 2012 provides cutting edge technology to convert gas car to electric car with low price and more miles per charge. With the hype in gas price, this technology is really a hit for money savvy and fuel efficiency.

Gas2electric converter makes your car to drive at 150 miles per charge at a speed of 50 miles per hour. For converting your car, all you need is a guide that helps you in the process. Gas2electric offers this guide at a very reasonable price. It offers affiliate program that is run by Clickbank. It is free to join and click bank track and manages the account.

It only takes few minutes to receive the guide once you have signed up membership. Being an affiliate, you are joining hands with campaign to remove costly and highly polluting gasoline cars from roads. The electric driven car is a environmental friendly car.
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